Hannah Barrett leaves the X Factor

On the ten year anniversary of ITV’s the X Factor another contestant from the girls leaves.

Well well another week and another episode of the X Factor jam packed with highs and lows and big surprises. Last weekends episodes were something of a landmark in the programme being exactly ten years since it first began. It seems like only yesterday that the programme first opened its doors to young hopefuls who got to sing their hearts out for Simon, Louis and Sharon to try to win the lucrative record deal that the show offered its winner. We watched the tears and tantrums as acts of varying talent competed to be sent through to boot camp, the judges houses and finally of course the live shows. It was with wonder that we watched Steve Brookstien with those twinkly eyes of his fend of the competition (that was the likes of power band G4) to win the title. Can it be that a whole decade has passed and a whole decades worth of X Factor winners have emerged in that time? It seems the answer is yes, so without making us feel any older lets move on to what last weeks anniversary programme had in store for us!

Of course the usual contest went ahead with the remaining contestants each singing two songs giving them twice as many chances to impress(or disappoint the judges) . We can really see how far some of these performers have come and the competition was fiercer than ever.

The opening act was something special with the remaining performers joined by ex X Factor contestants JLS to sing their ‘Everybody in love’ complete with neon glow sticks and gallons of confetti no less.


Of course as with all weeks, there were some performances that truly shone, and others well, not so much. Tamera Foster for example made the ultimate X Factor faux pas of forgetting her words and was subject to a harsh critique from Gary Barlow who likened her performance to a car crash. However despite her poor performance she hung onto her place and it was in fact Hannah Barrett and Rough Copy both who sung well and received compliments from the judges who ended up in the bottom two. Hannah had been a bookies favourite until recently however this week it was her time to say goodbye as the judges cast their deciding votes.

Nicole, mentor for the girls did not hold back when venting her anger at Hannah being in the bottom two. She claimed to be both ‘disappointed and furious’ with the British public for not voting to keep Hannah in the competition. However of course by this point it was too late.

The sing of was one of the strongest yet with Hannah referring back to her old favourite singing the emotional ‘I’d rather go blind’ which was the song that got her through boot camp. Rough copy chose the classic Oasis sing ‘Stop crying your heart out’ which had the judges on their feet giving them a standing ovation at the end.

Nicole gave her vote as Rough Copy to leave, obviously sticking with her girl. However both Sharon and Louis voted for Hannah to leave, and Of course Gary stuck to his category meaning that it was three votes against one and time for Hannah to say goodbye. She took defeat gracefull however thanking everyone and saying that she felt blessed to have made it that far.

Of course it was not all doom and gloom for as well as JLS there was another great performance with an incredible duet from Mary J Blige and Jessie J. Audiences were also treated to one of the biggest acts to come  out of the X Factor performing their new single ‘Story of My Life’ –of course you know who we are talking about –the wonderful One Direction.

So last week’s show was a real mix of highs and lows and as we enter the month of December we know we are one step closer to finding out who will be crowned the X Factor champion in 2013! Next week we are in for a treat as a new format will be tried out! For the first time ever we will have the X Factor jukebox. This means that while the performers can still pick and rehearse their first song, the second one is one hundred percent up to us viewers. Yes that’s right, we will get to decide what the contestants sing! At least this means the judges can stop blaming each other for picking the wrong songs! It’s a great way to get audiences more involved in the show so if you have a favourite act, and we are sure you do, make sure you get on the phone a pick them a good song to sing!

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