Fiz attacks Jade on Coronation Street

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Fans of Coronation Street are worried after Jade Dowan was left on the floor with blooding pouring from her head after step-mum Fiz Brown hit her. Some are even worried that she’s dead.

The character played by Jennie McAlpine had been left feeling emotional after her tearaway daughter disappeared from home. Despite Jades attempts to explain and pleas for calm, Fiz couldn’t hold herself together when she heard that her daughter Hope was at the hospital.

Jade hadn’t done anything to hurt Hope. The police had been called and there was a search for her when she went missing, but it turned out that she’d ran away to hide out by her father’s grave.

When Jade was the one to find her in the freezing cold, she looked after her and took her home, as Fiz probably would’ve liked.

Tyrone was initially angry but took her to the hospital once the situation had been explained to him. Unfortunately, he left Jade alone at the house at the mercy of an anxious Fiz.

The outrage didn’t take long to come flooding out and when Fiz wouldn’t listen, Jade tried to run away. In the heat of the moment, the worried mum grabbed a wooden chopping board and struck Fiz across the head. Immediately, her face showed regret at her hasty actions as Jade lay still on the ground.

The episode ended before viewers could see if she was alive.

Some fans are expecting a buildup of drama in the next few episodes, as the 1000th episode approaches. Producers have planned an hour-long episode for the millennia, which comes in the shows 60th year on air.

For the 50th anniversary, viewers were treated to a specially-shot episode centred around a traumatic tram crash.

Get ready for something similarly crazy in the coming weeks.


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