Everyone’s weary of Shaun, and Roxy is trying too hard

Elsewhere on the bay, we have seen Shaun and Elly growing close when he shows he cares for her whilst she is worrying about Bea, however he quickly find out that maybe a romantic move might not be the right thing. Elly then talks to David and Aaron about Shaun, and David makes his thoughts known about Shaun.

Later on we see David snooping through items that belong to Shuan as he is looking for some evidence, which he finds, custody papers. He immediately tells Elly who confronts Shaun about the papers, but Shaun lets everyone know that he had no intention of going ahead with it, and that it was his mother who had filed the papers. David has to then apologise.

Roxy is showing her wildside, which Mark is finding quite hard to deal with. Its becoming apparent that they are very different types of people . Whilst down at the bar, Roxy persuades Mark that he has to down a drink. She does this quite extrovertly by standing on the pool table and making a scene until he drinks it. Sheila suggests that Roxy should try to tone it down a bit if she is to try and make the relationship work with Mark. Roxy takes quite a dramatic turn, in dressing up the total opposite and very conservatively, but a drunken Mark ends up lashing out at Roxy for trying too hard. Is the relationship doomed…?

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