Emmerdale Spoiler: Factory fire twist

After a devastating factory fire at Sharmas’ factory, the police are hot on the heels of Kerry Wyatt, played by Laura Norton. However Kerry ends up putting someone else in the frame to try and defect the attention from herself. 

Emmerdale are exciting us with the revelation that there will be a tragic death, however they have not yet revealed who that will be.

This story kicks off with Kerry stealing money from a fundraiser for Wild West Charity, which was in the safe within the factory. She did this to be able to clear the financial debts of Amy. However Kerry realises they have been caught on the factory’s CCTV, so her and Amy decide to damage the CCTV, which becomes the source of the fire.

In scenes to be aired in the upcoming episodes next week, the mother and daughter aren’t aware that they were the ones responsible for starting the inferno. Amy thinks that they may have started the fire, but Kerry quickly dismisses the notion.

Later on, we see the safe being opened, and found empty. DI Goldberg brings in Kerry for questioning about her suspicious sounding story. Kerry tries to get the heat off herself, by implicating someone else in the village.

In what may seem like an action of guilt, Kerry feels inspired to hold a charity event to raise money for the childrens hospital, after hearing a conversation between Nicola King and Bernice Blackstock.  Kerry thinks that the salon would be a great place to hold her charity event. Amy isn’t happy with how much attention Kerry is attracting to herself by undertaking this event. Will Amy end up being the victim in all this?

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