Eastenders: Will Tiffany and Keegan be able to tie the knot?

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After what feels like ages of waiting, tonight we’re finally going to see if Tiffany and Keegan can tie the know, despite their families’ protests.

Recently they broke the news of their plans to their families. It was shocking news for both sides, especially since it has only been a couple of months since the pair started seeing each other.

Despite the love between the two being so new, they’re clearly ready to ignore the complaints and get married. Keegan recently got the news that he’ll have to serve a prison sentence after falling for Ian Beale’s taunting and hitting his elder in the face. This means the two aren’t only battling with their families’ wishes, but also time, as Keegan faces being put behind bars.

Their rush to Scotland to have everything done has already begun, and Keanu and Bernie have been brought along too.

Less welcome guests have also started their journey to disrupt proceedings, as Louise told Keegan’s mum Karen what they’re doing. Karen seems intent on making sure Keegan doesn’t go through with it. She’s set off with Mitch, Jack and Sonia to Scotland to do what they can to stop the young lovebirds.

We’ve already seen glimpses of the disruption that’s going to be caused, but we don’t know yet whether Keegan and Tiffany will be able to overcome it to get hitched.

We do know that the “whole family” ends up there, thanks to some info Maisie Smith (who plays Tiffany) let slip recently. She also said that “Tiffany is quite a strong-minded person, I don’t think anyone could talk her out of it now her mind is made up,”

This would have me guessing that the family do manage to get there and make a racket, but the couple manage to go through with it anyway!

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