EastEnders is getting ready for a new set

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You may not guess it by looking, but the Eastenders set that we’ve all loved and watched for thirty years was only built to be used for two years!

It’s very impressive that the set has managed to soldier through filming for this long but two issues arose that means the production team have had to look to the future.

Concerns have started to arise over the health and safety suitability of the current set, which is understandable after so long. Producers have also expressed concerns that the show is currently unable to be filmed using HD cameras. This is due to the fact that the front of the famous Queen Vic pub is made of wood and plywood, and there’s a worry that upgraded cameras would make this too obvious to people watching at home.

So, it sounds like good reasons to get a new set going, but the cost has blown way over the top! Originally, building was expected to cost around £50 million, which is crazy enough. However, since building began complications have arisen and driven the predicted price up to £86.7 million! Despite the £27 million bump in price, the set is likely to be finished behind schedule too. It currently looks like everything will be wrapped up and ready to go in 2023, despite original expectations being a couple of years earlier than that.

The new set, which plans were submitted for in 2015, will help bring the Eastender’s setting into the modern world. Although iconic pieces like the pub, railway station and terraced houses will be replicated, there will also be a host of new settings. The ‘back lot’, as it’s been named, will provide extra locations in a more modern representation of East London.

The work done so far has been executed with impressive speed. In March the building plot was almost empty but now is filled with buildings and construction. It’s definitely going to be worth the wait!

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