Eastenders’ Gray breaks Chantelle’s arm

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The abusive Gray Atkins outraged viewers tonight after attacking his wife when he found out that she’s not pregnant. The incident was all the more shocking considering that the two were only just coming back from their honeymoon after renewing their wedding vows.

Gary had already shown how horrible he is when he forced Chantelle into having sex with him, trying to get her pregnant after the couple suffered a miscarriage last year.

Chantelle, understandably, is less keen on the idea than Gray and has shown doubts over that and their remarriage. Whilst learning about her husband’s dark side, Chantelle’s assuredness of the relationship has wavered, but she’s not yet told her family anything about the ordeal.

Gray pushed her into taking a pregnancy test shortly after coercing her into sex and then turned to aggression again when it didn’t show the result he wanted. Chantelle tried to get away as he shouted at her, but he wasn’t having any of it. He complained that she didn’t love him enough and pulled on her arm, letting off a chilling snapping sound.

She initially cried out in pain, saying her arm had been broken, but by the time Gray took her to the hospital he’d convinced her it was her fault and she apologised for how she made him feel.

Viewers are hoping Chantelle manages to escape her horrible relationship soon. Redoing their vows shows that the two might not be near their end, unfortunately. If Gray can manipulate her so much that she apologises for him breaker her arm, then she might need a friend or family to intervene and save her from the mess. If Gray continues to get frustrated about having a child, who knows how far he’ll take it?

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