Drama at Robbo and Jasmines wedding, Jasmine leaves with the Police…

Aspiring romance writer with a number of short stories being published May 2020 and freelance reporter on all things UK. Guilty pleasures are soap and celebrity gossip and 80's cheese ; think A-ha and Nick Kershaw.

The big day has finally come for Robbo, played by Jake Ryan, and Jasmine, played by Sam Frost. Jasmine is full of nerves as she is preparing for the wedding. On the morning of her wedding she goes out for a run and accidentally bumps into Robbo, and becomes really paranoid as she thinks its bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.

Irene and Willow step in to calm her down and tell her its just a silly superstition, so she gets ready.

When the wedding gets kicked off, Robbo is waiting at the church for Jasmine, when Lance gets a phone-call that he’s told he should take.  He finds out that Robbos parents car is having trouble and they won’t make it on time for the ceremony, but they tell Lance to tell Robbo to go on with the ceremony and they will see him at the reception.

The wedding goes on, and Jasmine and Robbo get married. Jasmine finally gets over her fears as the day couldn’t have gone better, however Lance receives another phone-call, which seems like it is not going to be good new. He doesn’t want it to ruin Robbos big day, so he keeps it a secret.

Lance decides after a while that he will tell Robbo what’s going on, however before he gets a chance to, the Australian Federal Police swarm into the building. Robbo finds out quickly what’s happening and tells Jasmine they have to leave immediately, but Jasmine does not know whats going on. Unfortunately they don’t get away and the Police lead Jasmine out of her own wedding.

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