Daybreak Lorraine competition – win cash: £30,000

daybreak lorraine competition
Daybreak Lorraine competition – 03.09.12

Closing date for online entries is 13th September 2012 at 12pm

Aries, Taures & Scorpio are signs of the?

A: Times
B: Zodiac
C: Road

– we think B!

Win cash with this week’s Daybreak & Lorraine competition, £30,000 cash to spend as you please. That’s £1,000 for every day in September. You could spend it on a car, a holiday or whatever you want!

The format for the Daybreak TV show changed today with morning fave Lorraine taking over for the prime-time section of the sow between 7am and 8:30am…after which she will continue with her usual Lorraine.

It comes after several months of speculation regarding ITV Daybreak and its popularity, bringing Lorraine in early seemed to be the best bet; is anyone old enough to remember GMTV? Lorraine was one of the presenters of this hugely popular morning show.

It still seems that the Daybreak Lorraine competition will continue to be one of the best ways to win money online – big money – as they “launch” this week with a massive £30,000 cash prize.

In keeping with other competitions, you can enter to win online multiple times. This time you can enter up to 6 times per phone number….so if you’re putting in the effort of entering once, why not x6 your chances of winning this huge cash prize for free by entering six times?!

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