Cheryl Cole Outraged at Simon Cowell on X Factor 2014

Cheryl Cole expressed her outrage at Simon Cowell for putting London X Factor hopeful Raign through to the next round. Raign’s attitude was confrontational when Simon first voted “no.” She was allowed to offer a second song for her audition. The second time, Simon said, “yes” and Cheryl Cole was not very happy.

London-born singer Raign’s ‘attitude’ was an issue for Cheryl (Picture: ITV)

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had a face like thunder when she met confident X Factor wannabe Raign.

After getting off to a shaky start by regaling the judges with how wonderful she was, the 31-year-old sang, it was ok, and with a yes from Louis and Mel, what way would the remaining judges go?

It was a no from Simon and Cheryl said… well, before she even had a chance to respond, Raign interrupted to voice her devastation at Simon’s rejection saying he had been the ‘most important’ person.

Bad move Raign, bad move.

n unimpressed Chezza looked understandably miffed and it was a no.

That wasn’t the end however as she later returned to perform another song in the hope of changing the judges’ mind.

And it worked, Simon said ‘yes, much to Cheryl’s horror who branded Rain her ‘idea of hell’.


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Cheryl Cole may be upset with Simon, but Raign is through to the next round in X Factor 2014. Social media messages seem to conclude that viewers agree with Cheryl because of Raign’s attitude, so it is doubtful Raign will get very far in this year’s X Factor.

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