Casualty Season Finale this weekend, which characters will be leaving???

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So the season finale of Casualty is upon us. This weekend the drama will air a 90 minute feature length special finale episode to wrap up all the drama from this season.

In this Casualty spoilers special, we will reveal what this finale has in store for us, Casualty have teased us that there could be one major characters shock exit, as their life hangs in the balance, and possibly another character may be leaving too.

The walls are starting to close in on Connie, as she has been suffering PTSD for a while now and secretly having meltdowns and stealing medication trying to self-treat her condition, as it would threaten her job and career. However the department is now under an investigation as the board of the hospital has noticed that a lot of prescriptions have been made for benzodiazepine.

We have seen Archie over the past few episodes eager to try and expose Connie for all the lies she has been telling everyone whilst trying to deal with her PTSD secretly. But is her agenda about to get her in harms way!
Archie follows Connie to a pharmacy, but just as they walk in, a drug addict called Michelle is holding up the shop worker at knife point. This is so she can get some methadone and cash for her addiction. However in all the kerfuffle, Archie gets attacked as she is stabbed by Michelle, will she survive?

Charlie and connie chat

After getting stabbed, Connie is unable to treat Archies condition, and has to admit complete defeat to her colleagues. Charlie catches up with her, and she admits her painkiller addiction to him, and Charlie immediately asks her to leave.


Meanwhile we see a crossover with Holby City, as Chief Executive Officer, Hanssen, is brought in after the prescription fiasco, and requests all prescriptions are signed off by two doctors. However hen Hanssen finds out all about Connie and that she has been stealing the drugs, all suspicions get blamed on Ciaran, as Connis had doctored the prescription to make them look guilty.

We also see some new characters in the mix, in the guise of Siobhan who turns up for her shift with paramedic Iain. However when she struggles with the job, she turns to sneakily drinking some alcohol. Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster as she is forced to have to drive the ambulance, and then Iain finds out she has been drinking and calls the police.

In the ensuing drama at the ED, we see Iain find his feet again, and renew his passion for being a paramedic. This then leads his sister Gem to make the decision that she can finally go to be with his boyfriend Rash, as she had only been sticking round to support Iain.

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