Britains got talent competition is a big craze among people

Britains got talent competition is a very popular show that is broadcasted on iTV and is running successfully ever since the year 2007. The show even has a combination series called Britains got more talent that is even broadcasted on the same network. The show has become very popular amongst the people of United Kingdom since then because it gave them an opportunity to explore their own talents that they were even unaware of. Many of us have talents but we do not use them or show them but this show has given a chance to show our talent in front of the whole country and even the world and use it in the right way to earn popularity. There are no age criteria to the entry to the show. All you need to qualify is for a talent that impresses the judges and audience. The participants are made to perform their acts and in a way they compete with each other simply to win the hearts of the viewers and seek their support in form of votes.

Auditioning Process in the Britains Got Talent Competition

There are millions and millions of people who come in a crowd to participate in the very famous and popular Britains got talent competition. But it is true that not all can take an entry to the show. Hence there is a panel of judges who are made to give the final verdicts on the performances of the participants and give them either a green signal or a red signal to and from the show respectively. All the participants perform in front of a live audience. The earlier series had 3 judges but the current series have four judges in all. If they like any performance they ask the participant to appear for the next show episode as well. Based on the performances short listing is done as to which candidates would be entering the semi finals and finally the final to become the Britains got talent competition winner. The participants require both the judges votes as well as the viewers vote in favor of them to proceed further to become the finalists.

Viewers Can Also Be a Part of Britains Got Talent Competition

But the most interesting concept of the show lies in the fact that not only the participants but also the viewers watching the show can take part in the Britains got talent competition. The viewers are asked a question related to the show during the telecast of the show and they can answer the question either by calling the show helpline number that is provided on the show or by login to the website and answering online. They usually get a week’s time for that because the question is asked weekly. The competition for the viewers happens every week and the results are declared on the show. There is a special treat in form of prize for the winner of the viewer’s competition. Britains got talent competition is by far the most successfully running show in the United Kingdom on iTV.


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