And then there was three…who will be the X Factor winner?

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Union J X Factor 2012
Union J leave the X Factor competition 2012

Yes thats right, last night, we watched a tearfull farewell to The four J’s, otherwise known as Union J made up of JJ, Josh, George and Jaymi! But with their Mentor Lousi Walsh backing them all the way, they are sure to be the next big boyband and follow in the foot-steps of One Direction.   Union J started life out as a 3 piece called Triple J, and we’re together for 8 months before they auditioned, but it was in these auditions that they were paired with George, and Union J was born.

And so we’re down to an all-boy final in this years  X-factor 2012.  Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur and Christopher Maloney will all sing their hearts out to become the new X-factor Winner 2012.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen Jahmene rise from his nervousness, to find a home on the stage, where he’s finally comfortable to be.  He uses breathing techniques to calm himself before every performance, and has said that he now doesn’t feel his nerves until after each performance.  James has belted out the covers as if they were his own songs, putting his own husky voice stamp on each rendition and consistently impressing judges with his vocal strength and confidence on stage.

James took it hard when pitched against Ella Henderson in the previous week. It was a traumatic and very unexpected outcome for the two potential finalist. Each sang their hearts out, but the dead-lock result from the judges, left the outcome in the hands of the public.  In this instance the public voted for James to move on to the next round.

And finally Christopher Maloney, who has been given a hard-time and has had to fight for his position in the final three, will this final spark a win for the under-dog, is his style making a come-back! Right from the start we’ve heard his story of how his ‘nan’ persuaded him to take part in this years X-factor,  Christopher even dedicated a song to her to this week as a thanks for all the support she continues to give him. This week we were also treated to a brand new song from one of the judges Tulisa Contostavlos, who performed her new single ‘ Sight of You’.  It’s always a nerve-wrecking performance for any judge to perform to their fellow judges,  but she showed the contestants how its done!

X Factor 2012 : The Final Countdown

And so begins the countdown to the final, with Gary Barlow fighting for his act Christopher Maloney and  Nicole Scherzinger fighting for her 2 acts, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.  The odds are looking good for Nicole but we have been surprised by the publics voting throughout this competition, so everything is still to sing for!



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