All Five Monty Python Shows Sell Out in 55 Minutes

One of Britain’s funniest teams is reuniting and for one I am ecstatic.  That’s right, all five Monty Python shows sold out in 55 minutes. That’s quite amazing since it’s been quite a while since they were active. It just shows how fantastic their humor is and how much people enjoy it.  Money Python was extremely popular in the Unites States as well as in the UK. They will have a huge audience for all five of their shows.

The Monty Python Team

The Monty Python stars are to perform together on stage next year for the first time since the Hollywood Bowl in 1980. Tickets for the event were gone in less then an hour.

After the Pythons sold out their first show in 43.5 seconds this morning, tickets for four further shows had gone on sale.

Python star Eric Idle said: “It’s totally amazing. I don’t think we realised quite how much Python is loved round the world. We look forward to paying off Terry Jones’ mortgage soon.”

Fans snapped up the tickets – thought to be for around 72,000 seats – in the space of just 55 minutes after phone lines opened this morning.

New Monty Python show sells out in 43 seconds

The remaining members of Monty Python have announced four more shows after their reunion at London’s O2 sold out in less than a minute.

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I watched Monty Python when I lived in the United States and thought the actors were hilarious. They made a couple of my very favorite movies. I’ll be looking forward to their reunion shows, that’s for sure.  I think they could sell out another 5 shows in another 55 seconds.  What do you think?

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