Actress and celebrity Patsy Kensit Sparks concern during interview on ITV’s This Morning

Patsy Kensit
Patsy Kensit

Audiences fear for the troubled actress as she appears erratic and confused during an interview with Philip and Holly.

This week Patsy Kensit made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning, the much loved breakfast show bringing you news and entertainment for over 25 years. Patsy was brought on the show to talk about her new tell-all biography, and also speak out about her recent problems and those of her father.

It was during the interview that Patsy’s behaviour seemed to spark concern amongst viewers as she began to fidget, look uncomfortable and slightly slur her words. The scene was very reminiscent of Kerry Katona’s interview back in 2012 Katona made the headlines over her interview with Philip and Fern who were then the shows main presenters. Her slurred speech and inability to answer questions prompted Philip to ask if she was alright. Katona blamed her bi polar medication saying that she had taken it late that night and because she had got up so early to be on the show, the effects of it were still taking its toll. She stands by this story today, though claims that emotionally, she was in a very bad place at the time.

Patsy set Twitter ablaze during her interview with concerned viewers both tweeting and phoning in to express their concern.

It is no secret that Patsy has recently undergone a series of health problems which culminated in her having a hysterectomy this year. Patsy has always been very candid about the operation and has been applauded for speaking out about it. Her autobiography ‘Absolute Beginner’ reveals many aspect of the 45 year old Emmerdale actresses life that have previously been kept under wraps such as her criminal father, and her mother’s long battle with cancer.

Undoubtedly these are sensitive issues and some viewers suggested that perhaps Patsy was simply nervous talking about these problems and relationships properly for the first time. However some were less convinced with one user tweeting

“Patsy Kensit on This Morning, slurring, fidgeting and not making a great deal of sense.”

Generally however viewers were simply concerned and supportive. The actress is popular amongst Britons, known for her kindness and humour and since speaking out about her health battles she has become an inspiration to lots of women dealing with the same thing.

Patsy did not say anything during the interview to suggest she was on medication. However she did point out that she was going through the menopause, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

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