Abi Alton leaves the X Factor

Another surprising eviction on ITV’s X Factor as Abi Alton is booted out of the competition

Well the X Factor is well and truly underway and with the competition heating up each week as we gear towards the end of the competition there are even more surprises. This week was the fifth week of the lives shows and once again lady fate kept us on our toes seeing two of the girls in the bottom two –Abi Alton and Hannah Barrett.

Despite an emotional sing off between the two it seems that Abi didn’t quite do enough to keep her place and she looked pretty devastated by the decision despite claiming she never ‘in a million years’ thought that she would get this far.

The judges had a tough time choosing between the two with Nicole of course abstaining from the vote since if she chose she would have had to have sent one of her own acts home. However the other judges made the decision for her and rather than leaving it up to the audience vote to be the decider the judges had made up their minds.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow complimented the singer on her performance and as an artist over all claiming he had been ‘touched’ by her. However despite this he sent the former Morrisons worker packing. Even though he seems now to say it every week Gary also couldn’t help but express his ‘confusion’ as to why these two were in the bottom two. Sharon then gave the next blow saying that despite Abi’s emotional performance (she sang Ed Sheeran’s Lego House) it wasn’t enough to swing her vote. Sharon has made no secret that she is a big fan of Hannah Barrett anyway so it was a natural choice that forced to choose between the two, she would choose Hannah to stay.

Of course there was added pressure for the two girls being up against each other. Abi spoke about the great friendship the two had developed during their time in the X Factor house

“I hold a special place in my heart for both the girls – they’re like my little sisters,” she said.

“It was absolutely awful being against Hannah. It was the worst situation. I would have felt just as awful if she went. She’s like one of my best friends in the competition and a phenomenal singer.”

Hannah sung controversial singer Miley Cirus’ new single from her album Wrecking Ball.

Despite being very visibly disappointed by the decision Abi is determined that this won’t be the last we see of her, and hopes to keep in touch with her mentor Nicole and try to make a career out of it.

This week has just gone to prove that no one act is completely safe. It was obvious the other acts themselves were shocked to hear that Abi and Hannah were the ones in the bottom two and this will serve as a reminder to them to sing their hearts out every week as the battle for the crown of X Factor winner intensifies even further.

Sharon and Gary are both now only left with one act each in the competition so the pressure is on them as well. This became obvious as tensions between the two became apparent during this weekend’s  shows.

The theme this week was bands and the other acts certainly impressed with long time favourite Tamera Foster giving what Gary Barlow referred to as a ‘absolutely mesmerising’ performance of ‘Cry Me A River.’

Sam Bailey also pulled it out of the bag going for the classic Frank Sinatra song ‘New York, New York’ and appearing on stage with a new sleek look. Nicole said of her performance:

“I’ve heard so many people try and sing this song. But that is exactly how you’re supposed to sing it.”

Louis even suggested that she might be the “one to beat” in the competition.

The other remaining acts also upped their game in order to ensure a place in the next round.

We can’t wait to see what week 6 will bring –watch this space!

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