Young love for a couple, as Kyle goes all out for Amy

Coming up on Neighbours, we will see pop stars Hanson reunite a couple.  Amy misses the pop singers performance at the Live at Lassiters Music Festival. Kyle knows how much a fan Amy is, so he goes all out to organise a private VIP performance for Amy at Harold’s Store.  Gary realises what a big gesture this is and how much Amy must mean to Kyle, for him to have done such a thing, so he decides to step aside to let them be together. They end up slow dancing together in what looks like the start of their new relationship.

In another storyline, Roxy gets convinced to move back in with Terese and Paul. She is also asked to apologise to Gary for setting him up as Pauls attacker. But when she tries to apologise, it doesn’t seem as sincere as it could, and Gary throws it back in her face. 

Shelia is also having a hard time and hasn’t made life easy for herself recently. Clive returns, and she is thrilled to have someone who likes her, however when he hears the stories about what she’s been up too, he decides he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Gary also refuses to talk to Sheila any more. Amy tries to help her out, however she may have got more than she bargained for.

Pierce makes a play for Chloe, however Chloe has her eyes set on someone else. As we reported last week, Chloe goes on a date with Elly. How will Pierce react to this?

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