XFactor’s Nicole Scherzinger’s X-Rated Dance Moves

Randy Barlow revealed the naughty side of XFactor’s Nicole Sherzinger and her X-rated dance moves. I thought I saw Gary blushing as he talked about it, but who wouldn’t be attracted to this beauty, especially when she’s doing a bump and grind?  Forgive him but it’s something no man could ignore.

nicole sherzinger

Nicole knows how to move her body! (WENN / ITV)

This year’s X Factor judges know how to have a good time when they’re not working!

Nicole Scherzinger might appear all tame during her time sitting on the X Factor judging panel, but it appears it’s a different story when Nicole, Gary Barlow, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh get together socially.

Revealing what they get up to when they are not working and when the TV cameras have been packed away, including Nicole’s raunchy dance moves, Gary who has returned to the show for the third year is quoted by the Mirror as saying:

“Nicole is quite a good drinker, she’s a cheeky drinker, I clocked that the other night, we’ve been out a few times and she does it quietly, she double orders.

“She does dance routines and rubs her bum up on you and your drink’s going everywhere. It’s an awful job this, but someone’s got to do it.”

Meanwhile, Sharon whose return to the show on Saturday played a part in the show proving a hit with viewers this year, added that she’s can’t take a lot of alcohol. Mrs O said:

“I’m a really cheap date, give me two drinks and I’m pissing on the floor. I can’t take a lot of alcohol, but when I do, it’s like, ‘Woooooooo’.”

However it appears Gary isn’t the only one who could be witness to Nicole’s dance moves as the former Pussycat Doll mused to Digital Spy that she wouldn’t mind teaching Louis how to twerk.

She quipped: “Yeah I can teach Louis how to twerk. I’ve been working on my butt muscles and butt jiggles.”

Meanwhile, it appears Nicole has found herself a little crush after talented singer Alejandro Fernandez-Holt revealed that he would like to take her on a date…to Nandos!

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Oh the lives of the rich and famous. All while we get to sit home and watch them! Oh well, fame isn’t for everyone but I sure do get a kick out of XFactor. It’s the best talent contest of all time and Nicole Scherzinger just adds to the excitement. I’m also so glad that Sharon Osborne is back — she adds so much spontaneity that it’s addicting.