Xfactor – Double Audition Weekend 1 – 31st Aug/1st Sep Round-up

Sam Bailey – Photo from mirror.co.uk

X-Factor – Weekend 1 31st Aug/1st Sep

So its back with a vengance, with the “FABULOUS!” Sharon Osborne as the 4th judge joining Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, and Louis Walsh!  This year they are running 2 episodes at a time over each weekend. We get to see the contestants perform in an intimate room setting just for the judges. If they suceed at this stage and win a majority vote from the judges, then they get through to the next stage to perform in front of an audience of 4000 in Londons Wembley arena to see how it tickles their nerves!

(SPOILER ALERT…..dont read on if you havent watched this weekends XFactor show and dont want to know who got through!!!)

X Factor 2013 : Week 1 Roundup

So heres a round-up of who got through at this weekends double-auditions:

1/ Sam Bailey

36, prison officer(Our one to watch!)

– Sams a mum of two, and we see her with her children and husband(wearing a ‘my wifes got the xfactor’ tshirt!) She blew the judges away singing a powerful rendition of Beyonces – ‘Listen’ following this up with The Jacksons – ‘Who’s loving you’

  • “Sam Bailey, everybody remember that name, this is your time” – Nicole
  • “You deserve a  recording contract” – Louis
  • “This woman sings from her soul” – Sharon

2/ Hannah Barrett

17, student

– A very unassuming girl, we heard her story in the 1st episode, of her dad dying 2 years ago and the difficulties shes had with her mum, she now lives in accomodation away from her mum. For her first audtion, Hannah sang Emile Sande – ‘Read all about it’ following this up with Jennifer hudson’s – ‘One Night Only’

  • “Hannah, my little Nina Simone, that was brilliant” – Nicole
  • ” somebody who sells susage rolls and is 17 years old, that was wonderful” – Sharon
  • “Magnificent” – gary

3/ Alejandro Fernandez

-Holt, 17, student from West Sussex

– With a diamond smile, and his grandparents at his 2nd audition, he sang Pink – ‘Perfect’ following that up with Enrique Iglesias – ‘Hero’ with some Spanish thrown in there too! 4 Yes’s!

  • “Very good and very hot!” – Nicole
  • “not the strongest vocallly, but great Charisma” – Gary

4/  Tamera Foster & Jerrie Bafundila

Photo credit: Tom Dymond/ITV/PA
Photo credit: Tom Dymond/ITV/PA

16, Kent and 22, London auditioned as Duo Silver Rock singing, Beyonce – “End of Time”. Howveer the judges decided to split them up and put them both through in single auditions.

Jerrie followed up with Rihannas – ‘We found love’ but unfortunately didnt get through.

  • “I was expecting more” – Louis
  • “Not a good day for you” – Sharon

Tamera followed up with Whitney Huston – ‘I have nothing’ after a shakey start forgetting her lyrics, she stormed back.

  • “Potential beyond belief” – Gary
  • “You were amazing” – Sharon
  • “You have a gift and talent, You’re a star” – Nicole
  • “You are incredible” – Louis

This year, once again, has us laughing our heads off, as well as some very emotional, tear jerking moments. We can see why this show is a winner!

The ones who didnt make it

Luke Britnell – guitar playing Justin Bieber act, auditioning with his own song – ‘Think positive’, followed it up with Daft Punks – “Get Lucky”

  • “For me your voice is limited” – Sharon
  • “Your charming but the vocals werent good today – Gary
  • “They didnt see what we saw last time” – Nicole
  • “I’m gonna give you a chance and say yes” – Louis
  • “Right now, its a no” – Sharon

Fil Henley, guitar teacher, fake Tattoo, mullet donning rocker-wannabe, auditioned with Robbie Williams – “Let me Entertain You”  The judges gave him a second chance in his first auditions saying he needed to be a bit more rock n roll! Following it up in the second audition with ‘Thats metal (To my ears)

“What a pile of cr*p” – Sharon

Ya gotta love Sharon Osborne!