X Factor’s Sam Bailey tops chart

Yes she did it all right; X Factors Sam Bailey was Christmas number one!

Well it’s a story that brings festive cheer to all our hearts, the lovely Sam Baileys very own Christmas miracle as she came from nowhere, a talented but unknown prison warden to storm through all this year’s competition in the X Factor and be crowned the winner!

She has now gone from success to success and her new single Skyscraper which she first sang on the last episode of this year’s X Factor show has now topped the charts.

The 36 year old was chuffed to bits to be the Christmas chart topper and said she would toast her own success with ‘a little glass of champagne’ it really must have made her year and she described it as the ‘icing on the cake’ of her X Factor success.


Well established R & B star Pharell came in a number two with his brand new single ‘Happy.’ However it seems that even that was no match for Skyscraper(a cover from Demi Lovato) which outsold his single two to one and became one of the fastest selling singles of the year (unfortunately not beating Robin Thicke’s controversial ‘Blurred Lines’).

Yes Bailey certainly must have been pleased as her debut single not only topped the charts but was up there beating some of the most well-known and celebrated artists in the music world. Previous X Factor winner Leona Lewis timed her new single One More Sleep to come out at Christmas and had surely hoped she could top the charts with such a festive song but yet it was newcomer Sam who took the spot. Leona is one of the most popular and successful X Factor contestants ever, being one of the few to actually crack America –a goal that Sam Bailey has previously mentioned is one of her own.

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams

‘Swings Both Ways’ by ex Take That member and global superstar Robbie Williams topped the album charts beating the massively popular One Direction, another X Factor success story, and of course his old bandmate and X Factor judge Gary Barlow. Robbie himself has appeared on the show to help Gay at the judges houses and to perform with some of the contestants himself. There were apparently less than 200 copies between Robbie’s album and One Directions ‘Midnight memories’ a fact that perhaps will upset the dedicated One Direction fans –watch out Robbie!

Sam was lucky to get her number one spot after a social media campaign to get AC/DC’s Highway to Hell at number one narrowly failed when it came in at number four. This is similar to the stunt pulled one year where Rage Against the Machine, against all odds, made it to number one after the public reclaimed their right to vote decided they had had enough of the X Factor winner’s single being a shoo in to take the top spot.

Bailey said that hitting the number one spot ‘is absolutely amazing’, and signed copies of her single for her fans this week.

The proceeds of her single sales will also be donated to two charities. The first is the wonderful Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and the second is Together For Short Lives –both amazing charities work with sick children and their families giving them extra care and support during the hardest of times. Bailey –being a mother of two herself said it was ‘extra special’ that her song would be bringing in money for the charities particularly at this difficult time of year.

The Official Charts Company have released figures to show the over 149,000 copies of the single have been sold. This is actually under half of how last year’s winner ( the now disgraced James Arthur) did. He sold over 490,000 copies -however Arthur actually failed to make the Christmas number one spot which was taken by the lovely Jameela instead. Again a Facebook campaign to have an unusual song top the charts began –this time being the 90’s rave group Altern 8 with their song Come with Me, however the enthusiasm for this kind of stunt seemed to have dwindled and they came in at number 33.

Well done Sam –may your success continue!

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