X Factor’s Melaine McCabe to join Dancing on Ice?

Melanie McCabe moves on quickly from ITV’s X Factor

The X Factor reject has big plans to continue her reality TV fame in Dancing on Ice…

Dancing on Ice pic
Dancing on Ice pic

When Melanie McCabe left the X Factor it caused may thousands of X Factor fans to express their shock and dismay. McCabe has auditioned for the X Factor three times, each time getting within shouting distance of her goal to be on the live shows. However it seems her perfomances were never quite good enough for the judges, particularly singer and icon Kelly Rowland who built up McCabes hopes by letting her through to the judges houses round, not once but twice both in 2008 and 2011. However she was then let go at this final stage before she would have had a chance to go through to the live shows. If she had perhaps Melanie would have fared better as then it would have been her popularity with the public who would have decided her fate. However sadly in her fourth attempt it was Nicole Scherzinger who once again crushed Melanie’s dreams and sent her home for a fourth time. At the time to be fair Nicole also seemed genuinely heartbroken at her own decision, knowing full well the impact it could have on McCabe, as she expressed to ITV after the show.

‘I cried after I saw Melanie – I knew this was her fourth time on the show and I knew how badly she wanted it.

‘Honestly, it was so hard to let go of all three of them – Jade, Relley and Melanie – but my Judges’ Houses was something else.

‘Everyone agreed with me, the whole production team. It was the hardest Judges’ Houses in the competition, ever.’

However, though clearly devastated at the time, McCabe is not quite ready it seems to give up on a chance at stardom, having now expressed an interest at getting a spot on Dancing on Ice.

Dancing on Ice has been running for 8 years and is a popular British TV show hosted by old favourite Philip Schofield and the lovely Christine Bleakley. The show has proved popular worldwide with its format of a celebrity and their professional parter taking to the ice and different versions of the show have been shown in 8 countries across the globe. The juding format is not dissimilar to the X Factor where the celebrities battle it out on the ice rink each giving a performance in front of a panel of judges who are well acquainted with the sport, and who will then score their performances. The scores along with a public vote make up the leaderboard and the bottom two are then requested to do a final ‘skate off’ in which they each skate in turn a final time. The judges then vote as to who they think should stay in the competition and the pair with the fewest votes then leave the show.

Melanie spoke to her despondent fans and promised they hadn’t seen the last of her yet. It seems that perhaps she will try taking a different route to fame this time and swap her singing hat for a dancing one as she tries to persuade TV bosses that she would be a good celebrity to have on Dancing on Ice. But having never made it to the live round in the X Factor we wonder if she will be too easily forgotten to be considered ‘celebrity’ enough for the show?

Melanie took to Twitter to express her thanks at the fans support and tell them of her plans, tweeting:

‘Thanks for all the support made of steel after all that ha #XFactor, @dancingonice next I think :)’.

Fane were genuinely shocked and concerned that she had failed to make it through yet again, however Melanie seemed in good spirits hinting that if she doesn’t get a spot on Dancing with Ice that she could even audition for the X Factor a 5th time. Surely if she made it through to the judges houses once again they would have to give her a shot? but the world of X Factor is a cruel one and each series we see a poor young girl or boy (or man or woman’s!) heart being crushed before our very eyes, so who knows, maybe she should just stick to the day job?

Image courtesy of didbygraham @flickr.com