X-Factor – Judges Houses Weekend Sat 5th/Sun 6th October Roundup!

X-Factor – Judges Houses Weekend Sat 5th/Sun 6th October Roundup!

First-up we see where all the 24 contestants competing for a chance in the final are going with their judge:

Xfactor - boysThe Boys:
Luke, Sam, Paul, Giles, Ryan and  Nicolas fly out to St Tropez to audition for their judge Louis Walsh

Louis’s guest judges were Shane from Westlife, Nicole Appleton and Sinitta
1/ Luke Friend sings Damien Rice – ‘Cannonball’
-“I think he’s such a talented young man, but he was nervous” – Nicole
-“he’s original and authentic” – Louis

2/ Sam Callahan sings Fun – ‘We are Young’
– “I really really do like him, definitely star quality” – Nicole
– “I thought he was very cute, but I could see him in a boy band” – Sinitta

3/ Paul Akister sings Paolo Nutini – ‘Last Request’
– “He definitely has more to give, there’s something missing” – Nicole

4/ Giles Potter sings James Blunt – ‘Youre beautiful’
– “he’s so cute” – Sinitta
– “my little girl would have his poster on her wall right now” – Sinitta

5/ Ryan Mathie sings Pink – ‘Just give me a reason’
– “I think he’s got a lovely voice“, “he was singing really angry” – Nicole

6/ Nicholas McDonald sings – Daniel Bedingfield – ‘If you’re not the one’
-“Thats so hard to watch“,”I cant believe I’m crying” – Shane
-“I want something else, I want him to perform” – Nicole

The Ones who got through:
Luke, Nicholas and Sam

Over 25s:
Sam, Andrea, Joseph, Zoe, Shelley, Lorna fly out to Los Angeles to audition for their judge Sharon Osborne at her Beverley Hills Home

Xfactor Over 25sSharons guest judge was Robbie Williams
1/ Sam Bailie
sings  Whitney Houston – ‘Run to you’
– “I don’t know where she fits” – Robbie
– “She’s very low key” – Sharon

2/ Lorna Simpson sings  Beyonce – ‘If I were a boy’
– “Good at that, aint she“, “vocals on point” – Robbie
– “I worry about her stage presence” – Sharon

3/ Shelley Smith  sings  Alicia Keys – ‘Girl on fire’
– “I love the fact she has no inhibitions, very powerful voice“, “she likes to be the center” – Sharon

4/ Zoe Devlin sings  Coldplay – ‘Fix you’ – “Shes gotta quirky little voice, great image, however I don’t know when people wanna hear those big songs, whether she can deliver” – Sharon
– “I’m sure I wudda had a crush on her at school” – Robbie

5/ Andrea Magee sings  Radiohead – ‘High and dry’
– “Shes very creative but that last note…if we were live..” – Sharon

6/ Joseph Whelan sings The Pretenders – ‘I’ll Stand by you’
– “He’s a sweetheart but i he gonna win it” – Sharon
– “I love him a little bit”,”I don’t know where he’s gonna go though” – Robbie

The Ones who got through:
Shelley, Sam and Lorna

The Groups:
Kingsland Road, Xyra, Brick City, Rough Copy, Code 4 fly out to New York to audition for their judge Gary Barlow

Garys guest judge is Olly murs
1/ Kingsland Road sing  Olly Murs – ‘Dance  with me tonight’
– “I do get a twang when I see these guys, takes me back” – Gary
– “vocally they were really strong” – Olly

2/ Brick City sing  Lisa Stansfield – ‘Been around the world’
– “I’ve seen them better than that, but theres so much potential” – Gary
– “Felt like they were just put together, not much chemistry” – Olly

3/ Rough Copy sing Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’
– “They are great“, “The most memorable were when they were a 3” – Gary
– “I was worried they were gonna be flat” – Olly

4/ Xyra sing Phil Collins – ‘In the air tonight’
– “Theyve worked hard at that“, “Is it enough” – Gary

5/ Code 4 sing Stevie Wonder – ‘Superstitious’
– “I thought that was really really good, did they miss their 4th” – Olly

6/ Miss Dynamix sing All Saints – ‘Pure Shores’
– “I think theres just a little bit of work to do” – Gary
– “its like theyve been together for ages” – Olly

The Ones who got through:
Rough Copy, Kinglsland Road, Miss Dynamix

The Girls:
Hannah, Jade, Tamera,  Relley, Melanie and Abi fly out to Antigua to audition for their judge Nicole Scherzinger

X factor girlsNicoles guest judge was Mary J Blige
1/ Tamera Foster sings Alicia Keys – ‘Fallin’
– “Thats the best I’ve seen her” – Nicole
– “Shes’s great“, “I didnt believe it either” – Mary

2/Jade Richards sings Christina Aguilera – ‘Hurt’
-“losing the fight half way through” – Nicole
-“The tone in your voice”, “that rasp, its amazing”, “dont lose what you’re doing” – Mary

3/ Abi Alton sings Alison Moyet – ‘Only you’
-“I love Abi, is she a one-trick pony” – Nicole
-“it moved me, its a great trick“- Mary

4/ Relley C sings UB40 – Many Rivers to Cross
– “She just got that thing in her eye” – Nicole
-“Dont get nervous, and push on“, “people will love her” – Mary

5/ Melanie McCabe sings Snow Patrol – Run
-“She lets us in, she opened up and lets us in” – Mary
-“for me that was the most emotional performance shes shown us” – Nicole

6/ Hannah Barrett sings Sam Cooke – ‘A change is gonna come’
– “Shes timeless and classic, shes an old soul when she sings” – Nicole
– “my thing with her is she has a condition, she battles with her vocals” – Nicole

The Ones who got through:
Abi, Tamera, Hannah