X Factor finalists 2013

The X Factor finalists pick their songs!

X Factor tension increases, causing one of the contestants to breakdown in tears

Well it is clear that the pressure is on, and with the final week of X Factor 2013 looming it seems that some of the contestants are handling it better than others.

Saturday the 7th of December was the semi final performances for the remaining contestants of the X Factor and one of the remaining boys, Nicholas McDonald, struggled to hold it together as he performed his songs.

The week was ‘Beyonce’ week a time for diva’s young and old to get their groove on however the stress and emotion seems too much to bear as his voice cracked during his rendition of Hal. Despite the obvious stress to Nicholas the judges, particularly Gary were harsh as it seems professionalism is everything at this stage in the game, despite the fact that Nicholas is only 17 years old. He was obviously devastated to hear the judges comments who thought that his weak performance couldn’t have jeopardised his future in the competition.

As the four remaining acts took on songs by the Destiny’s Child diva in the first half of Saturday’s show – as they made their bid for a place in next weekend’s final – the 17-year-old appeared noticeably nervous, delivering a performance that was not as strong as usual.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow claimed he was ‘disappointed’ with Nicholas’ performance while Sharon Osbourne reacted in her typically more motherly fasion saying

‘Nicholas, tell the mother of everything, why are you crying?‘ It was a very emotional performance but your tears made your voice crack little one.’

Nicholas however did seem to pick up on Gary’s advice to ‘pick your confidence up off the floor and move forward.’ Luckily for him he got himself together for the next song where the contestants took on Elton John classics and Nicholas belted out a pitch perfect performance of the much loved hit ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.’




His comments for his second song were much more favourable with Sharon singing his praises saying:

Sharon osbourne
Sharon osbourne

‘That is what we want from you, you were really confident and you sang really really well.’

Gary also heaped praise on the teenager which perhaps encouraged audiences at home to forgive his mistake in his earlier performance. He commented

‘You’ve saved it singing this song…this is the type of song we want you toing and we need you to sing if you want to be in that final.’

Luckily Gary was right and Nicholas went through leaving Luke Friend and Rough Copy trailing, and Rough Copy being voted out of the competition.

Now the final three have been chosen, what will they sing?

Nicholas has chosen’ Candy’ by Robbie Williams and Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’.

Sam  Bailey has gone for a Lady Gaga Classic ‘The Edge of Glory and a sure crowd pleaser ‘Power of Love’ by Jennifer Rush

Luke is sticking to his age group by performing a One Direction Song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and the brilliant ‘We are Young’ from Fun.

The final X Factor 2013 episode is taking place in Wembley Arena where audiences and viewers alike will be treated to some extra special celebrity guests including The Killers, Katy Perry, One Direction and Elton John. We can’t wait!

Image Courtesy of wikiepdia.org