X Factor Competition – win £20,000 + Canada trip for 4 + Justin Bieber

X Factor competition - 18.08.12
X Factor competition – 18.08.12

The closing date for online entries is 6th September 2012 at 17:00

No question – simple prize draw!

Just click “Enter Competition” button below to go to the entry form

The X Factor returns with an awesome show and an even more awesome prize…especially if you like Canada, water, Justin Beiber and hard cash; yeah baby – this prize is for you! Friends are optional (although it would be nice to have three lovely people to bring with you!).

Win a luxury trip for you & 3 friends to visit Canada & see Justin Bieber on 1st December + a whopping £20,000 cash and a trip around the Niagara Falls…courtesy of TalkTalk TV.

It’s only the first half of the show & expected there were a few…er “entertainment factor” entrants, but also some corkers (Jermahne – we’re talkin about you dude!!! “A star is born”; Louie makes sense! Not sure about the Forrest Gump music though…seems a wee bit too much (has my mum in tears!). Gets very emotional at these shows; glad there wasn’t a heart-breaking story to go with it as she just might not have coped. She’s ok now though – she’s got a cuppa tea (2 sugars!)….[[20:45 edit]] she’s on a double brandy now; Zoe (aka the crazy “Pink” audition) has just scared the life out of her!

Enter X Factor Competition 6 Times

So, back to the competition, with itv.com competitions you can generally enter more than once. The T&Cs for this competition say you can enter up to 6 times for each phone number; so take advantage of this information & get entering! Increase your chances of winning x6! If you want the full competition terms & conditions you can click here.

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