X Factor competition 5 – win £20k cash + Beyoncé + JLS + Bruno Mars trips to New York, Sydney & London!! (19/10/2013)

X-factor-competition-19-10-2013Competition closes for entries online at 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 14 November 2013

You stand under my…

A: parasol
B: umbrella
C: gazebo

– we think : B

Win £20,000 cash prize + trips to Sydney, London and New York for you and three friends to see some of the biggest pop stars in the world live in concert

Enter the X Factor competition up to 6 times per phone number

You can enter the XFactor competition six times per phone number free. You can also do this via the online entry method at the itv.com competitions entry page. Enter the competition the maximum times to increase your odds of winning this huge cash prize. You and three friends could be heading off to Sydney Australia, New York USA and London to hear some of the biggest pop stars in the world…alongside £20,000 cash prize!


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