X Factor 2014 Premiere Draws 9.5 Million Viewers

X Factor 2014 drew over 9 and a half million viewers for it’s weekend premiere, sending a solid signal to ITV executives that people are still interested in the best talent competition in the world. Judged once again by Simon Cowell, viewers forsook all other programming and tuned into the X-Factor. Cheryl Cole helped with the big pull along with, of course, Mr. Walsh. This year’s X-Factor is off to a bang and people are not disappointed.

x-factor 2014

This weekend’s double dose of the new series of The X Factor closed with another slightly lacklustre Sunday night episode. The show kicked off with a few boring auditions, if only to highlight the fact the judges do have to sit through a lot of dull acts. We were brightened up by Stevie Richie who enjoyed a bit of banter with the judges and danced awkwardly through his tailored version of Olly Murs’ Dance With Me. Everyone ended up laughing and despite calling himself an idiot his winning persona saw him through, even though he’s certainly not the best singer. The panel all declared they wanted to see him again and he made it through to the next round but didn’t leave the room before executing a kind of comedy routine. He won’t win but seemed a nice chap. The show featured some credible bands, starting with Only The Young – a mixed foursome of friends – who sang Elton John’s Something About The Way You Look Tonight. A close knit harmonious group everyone held their breath during the critique waiting for Simon to say they should split up or lose someone but thankfully the complete group impressed everyone. Cheryl said ‘now that’s how you do an audition’ and that they were original. Mel said they had held everyone’s attention and Simon confessed he loved them and how they twisted a classic song, but the compliments were slightly backhanded as he then said he was ‘looking for a new Steps’. How wants that responsibility? It was looking good for the groups category though as boy band Concept impressed the panel, as did girl trio Arize who Simon described as ‘real’. Young and good looking Overload reminded everyone of another certain five piece made famous by the show and had Simon saying he would choose the groups category if he could. Kitten & The Hip astounded everyone with their real life relationship and their peppy on-stage performance. Apparently inseparable, Kitten was more than happy to dump her soul mate to make it through to the next round on her own. Brilliant! It also gave us the chance to hear Mel B reminisce about how annoyed she was when Geri left the Spice Girls. Also brilliant!

Finish this article here: http://metro.co.uk/2014/08/31/the-x-factor-2014-sunday-night-was-all-about-the-bands-but-ended-with-a-bit-of-a-downer-4851328/ X-Factor 2014 is off to a flying start with hopeful pop stars all lined up, excited and raring to go. With 9.5 million viewers tuning in, the best talent competition in the whole world is off to a great start. Viewings will drop off beginning next week, so it will be interesting to see how many stick with the competition through to Christmas, and how many get bored and jump. But for now, Simon Cowell and ITV executives are singing… all the way to the bank!

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