Will Eastenders’ Keanu return?

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Louise Mitchell’s breakdown is reaching a critical point, as she tries to deal with the Mitchell implosion family that was built up for months.

After Sharon Mitchell got pregnant by Keanu and let husband Phil believe she was carrying his child, viewers knew things were going to get intense.

When actor Danny Walters, who plays Keanu, announced that he’d be leaving the show for new pastures, people began to predict under what conditions the character would leave. Knowing Phil’s history and the gravity of the situation, most people speculated that Keanu’s departure would be at the hands of Phil, most likely in a violent manner.

Although the Christmas episode was certainly explosive, it came and went but viewers remain somewhat confused about what actually happened to Keanu.

Louise has been filled with guilt over what she believes to be her role in the death of Keanu. The anger, confusion and self-loathing that have begun to eat her up since, and she’s started acting desperately. As her mental health has rapidly declined in recent episodes, she’s started asking Martin questions and lashing out.

Martin has been trying to get her to calm down before she reveals anything incriminating about him.

However, Lorraine Stanley, who plays Karen Taylor recently posted a picture to Instagram of Danny Walters on set in a hospital. This has sparked rumours that Keanu’s character will in fact be returning.

Others Eastenders’ fans have speculated that the shots are in preparation of flashbacks that will be shown in future episodes to further explain what happened over the Christmas period.

Whilst we know Martin staged the murder of Keanu, we’re yet to see how the Mitchell family’s debacle plays out and whether the home wrecker will ever return to Walford.

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