Will Chantelles dark secret be revealed by a psychic?

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In Eastenders this week, we hear that new comer Chantelle Aktins, is hiding a dark secret from her family, as we hear that her husband, Gray is abusing her behind closed doors.  Chantelle ends up also hearing some bad news this week, when her half-sister Bailey Baker, goes to a psychic to connect to her mother. Bailey mum took her own life earlier in the year when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  We will see Bailey trying to reach out to her mother through a psychic called Shyanna, who is played by Anita Harris.

After her mother died, Bailey was taken in by The Taylors.  Chantelle is worried that the psychic will take advantage of Bailey, so she goes along with her to support her.

However things with the psychic become a bit heated, and the psychic turns her attention to Chantelle. Could she be about to reveal the abuse Chantelle has been experiencing at the hands of her husband?  Chantelle quickly tries to cover it up to Bailey, by saying everything is fine in their marriage. Gray both physically and mentally abuses Chantelle, however those closest to the couple have no idea that this is going on.

Elsewhere on the square, Phil returns home, and is out for revenge against his attacker. Could he try to kill Ben?  Phil wants to try and find out the truth as to who attacked him, and doesn’t believe it was Keanu. He starts to look closer to home as to who it could be, and his rocky relationship with Ben comes into question.

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