Will Breda be found out, as a body is discovered by Jack!

Will Breda’s killing spree time be up!! Breda has made her mark as the serial killer of Hollyoaks. Since her arrival in Hollyoaks, she has made it her agenda to kill men she believes are bad dads. She has killed Russ Owen, Louis Loveday, Mac Nightingale, Carl Costello and her latest murder, Harry Thompson.

However so far she has managed to evade any suspicion, and has continue her life in Chester, but could all that be about to change, as Jack makes a gruesome discovery.

Jack goes out fishing one day, and pulls up a dead by, which horrifies Goldie. Breda seems shocked to find out that the body was found, but is even more worried  when Jack informs her, that the police will be able to get finger prints from the body and hopefully discover the killer. Will Jack be her next victim as he was the one to find the body?  Who’s body was it in the river, as remember that Breda was forced to move one of the bodies from a pig farm, the body of Louis, as it was almost going to be discovered by Juliet, Ollie, Brooke and Imran on a drinking session.  Or could it be another body?

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