Why Olly Murs thinks he won’t win anything at the Brit Awards

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Here’s something you don’t normally here from an artist nominated for an award, any kind of award:  Olly Murs, the X Factor runner-up turned singer turned celebrity, has stated that even though he feels very excited about being nominated at the Brit Awards, he doesn’t think he will win.  Olly Murs is nominated for the Best British Male, along with Ben Howard, Calvin Harris, Plan B and Richard Hawley.

The nomination itself is something to be happy about for him, because he finally feels recognised by the industry but there’s no chance of getting any award.  His X Factor past is something that’s holding him back from taking an award home tomorrow night. To be recognized in the Best Male category is lovely, Olly revealed to Digital Spy this week. With all The X Factor stuff over my name, I feel like the industry and media people see it as my only downfall.  He also said that based on his sales and success he should have gotten a nomination for Best Male last year, and with the success of his current album he should be nominated for Best Album now. But being from The X Factor UK that’s what you get unfortunately, it’s a bit of a pain, he explained.

If the awards we’re based on people’s votes things probably would be different for Olly, but this is all about the industry. Even so, the fact that he is nominated is a big step forward because he’s achievements are being noticed within the music industry and by journalists.

Olly Murs will start a new UK arena tour to promote his new album “Right Place Right Time” on 26th February. He just released a new video for his upcoming single “Army of Two”, so things are looking pretty good for Olly, with or without an award.

And who knows, he might be proved wrong tomorrow night and receive the award for Best British Male! Who is your favourite for this category?

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