Why did Samantha Womack refuse to be a Britain’s Got Talent judge

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It seems that former Eastenders star was wooed by Mr.Cowell to be on the panel for Britain’s Got Talent, but she turned him down. He even flew her to his L.A. mansion to discuss it. Talking to “New!” magazine, Samantha Womack also admitted that she has anxiety issues and she finds it hard to cope with it. You have to admire her for admitting this publicly: It’s a really strange thing. It’s not based on any one specific thing, but I think it’s more to do with when you get older, you consider everything much more. There’s an arrogance of youth. Some days I can cope with it and other days I find it quite difficult.

Besides that she’s starring in a play and she’s a mother of two, a twelve year old boy and a seven year old girl, which take up a lot of her time.

This is one the main reasons she turned down Cowell’s proposal. It’s very hard… Lily wants to be around Mummy a lot, which is great, so she comes to rehearsals. Mark’s mum is a teacher so she brings books over for Lily and tutors her. We don’t have a nanny, we try and juggle it, she said to the magazine.

She also mentioned her L.A. business meeting with Simon Cowell, explaining why he thought she would be a good addition to the panel of judges for the Britain’s Got Talent competition. Simon said he liked my career over the years and thought I was very honest and straightforward. I’d been working very hard that month and to have a flight over, be treated very well and be looked after by him, it was a really lovely couple of days, she revealed.

The actress didn’t rule out going back to Eastenders, because she misses the show as well as the cast, even though she sees Scott Maslen quite often.

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