What’s in store for Escapee hunter, out on the run!

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Back on the square, we have seen the shock escape of Mels son Hunter Owen, escaping from prison and heading straight to his mum for protection. Hunter is spiralling out of control as of all the places he could have hid, he’s come back to Walford.  He was up for a murder charge against his step-father Ray Kelly.

Mel wants to protect his son, and vows to do whatever it takes to ensure he isn’t caught. However we will seen that any plans they have made will be thwarted, when Mels pal Lisa Fowler returns to Walford.  We aren’t sure why she has returned, but we suspect it may be something to do with her daughter, Louise Mitchell. 

Hunter is intent on getting revenge. Hunter has always blamed Jack Branning for him getting put in prison, as he was a former police detective, and it was him who called the cops. Mel had actually forgiven Jack for this, but her son wants to deal with things his own way. Could he be planning to take revenge on Jack before he leaves the square for good?

There are rumours that Hunter may be killed off later in the year, but I’m sure there will be some dramatic storyline unfolding for both mother and son, before he leaves the square for good!

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