What’s happening next week on Neighbours

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Coming up next week in Ramsay street, we see the grief continue to take hold for Finn and Elly. Elly has been a supportive shoulder for Finn, even through the loss of her own job. Elly is currently trying to prepare for her baby arriving. Bea talks to Elly and offers to help her out, however when Finn finds some old pictures in a photo album from him and Ellys relationship, things go awkward. Finn might be falling for the sister of his girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Harlow thinks that Gary should maybe give Prue a second chance, so Gary asks her out on a date and she says yes. However later on, he catches Prue stealing money from the tram till, and she has to admit that it is for the strange Restoration Order membership fees.  She asked Gary not to say to anyone about what she’s done, which Gary agrees to however he wants to know more about what she is getting herself in to.

Prue then takes it upon herself to get Gary to join the Restoration Order, whilst Harlow is trying to ensure that things are going smoothly and stress free at home for Terese and Paul.  Prue thinks that Harlow might be taking on far too much and not thinking of herself and her potential.  Prue wants Harlow to return with her to London, so she starts to try and persuade Harlow of what a happy life she could possibly have there. Will Harlow break, and want to leave Ramsay street?



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