What to expect from the next season of Downton Abbey

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ITV Christmas Special Downtown Abbey

Apparently starting with the fourth series of the hit show we’re going to see the first black character, because the makers want to explore the race relations back then. The ITV drama has already started seeking an actor to play the role of musician Jack Ross, who, according to the casting notes sent to the agents, is a 25-30 years old singer at an exclusive club in the 20s. A really handsome man with charm and charisma, an ideally he would be able to sing brilliantly. The notes conclude: Overall he should be a very attractive man with a certain wow factor.

This would not be the only new character that will appear in the new series. Lady Mary Crawley will also find a new love interest, Lord Anthony Gillingham, who will help the family with money, and being a hit with Mary’s father, the Earl of Grantham. This character was described in the casting notes as being handsome and extremely charismatic, a 35-40 year old man with a perfect cut glass accent. He’s warm and charming, but also a strong man with morals. The rumours we’re that this part already been cast to EastEnders star Tom Ellis, but he denied it. Too bad, he would fit the description!

Maybe this time Lady Mary Crawley would be luckier, because at the third series her husband Matthew Crawley died, leaving her crushed.

Another new character will be Sir John Bullock, a party loving rascal, but no details about his traits we’re released.

The filming for the new series will start on March 23, and we cannot wait for the addictive drama to return on the ITV screens

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