What happened this week on Dancing on Ice

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This week was time for a team challenge, so Team Matt and Team Beth went head to head to gain some more points from their first performances. On Matt’s side there was Gareth and Luke, and on Beth’s side Samia and Keith. But before this, we have to review what happened on the individual routines.

Keith and Olga

This routine had no room for smiles because Keith had to convince the judges he is a true rocker. This was apparently the hardest thing for him to do, simply because he loves skating so much that smiling comes naturally. Even so, the pair impressed the judges and for the first time this year Robin and Karen we’re the ones giving the lower marks.

Luke and Jenna

Luke had a pretty rough week due to the slippery ice that kept causing him trouble right up to the dress rehearsal. Luckily on the competition night he’s done everything right. As usual Jason didn’t say anything nice but this time Karen almost agreed with him, which was quite a surprise. Nobody saw that coming!

Beth and Dan

Beth went a bit over the top here with a Charleston-like routine, which required a lot of performance and taking actual Charleston lessons to manage her facial expressions. Her efforts weren’t in vain because most of the judges we’re pleased with they’ve seen.

Matt and Brianne

The whole training period Matt kept being frustrated and grumpy, making everyone think that he’s going to bring those emotions to the performance. But, he surprised everybody delivering a passionate routine and he received high admiration from the judges for his commitment and strong bond with Brianne.

Gareth and Robin

It seems really difficult to find something wrong in Gareth’s routines because he’s getting really good. Besides a little stumble, he delivered excellent spins, jumps, complex solo steps and the pair we’re synchronizing perfectly. It will be no surprise to see him in the finals!

Samia and Sylvain

Because of the criticism she got last week for not skating on her own Samia really stepped it up this time.  She did a really cute and fun Barbie-themed routine, topping it with an impressive spin on Sylvain’s head. Impressive and dangerous!

The Team Challenge

After all the pair-routines we’re done, it was time for the team challenge. Team Matt’s routine was an energetic performance on MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”. But they didn’t impress that much, even though they had the right soundtrack. The moves we’re quite the same and they lack any “wow” factor.

Team Beth did a fun routine on “Gangnam Style”, the tune of the moment. Their routine wasn’t as neat at Team Matt’s, but it had more content. Even though Keith had to work really hard to keep up with the pros Dan and Sylvian, he did a really excellent job.

The judges ruled for Team Matt surprisingly, so everyone in the team got their points doubled. This took a toll on the board, sending Samia and Keith to the skate off. Keith performed the routine from Week 1, much better than the first time. Samia didn’t very much on her own with her skate sort reverted back, but she put more energy into it. The final votes went to Samia, making Keith leave the competition.

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