What do you think are the hardest games ever on ITV’s The Cube

We give a run down on the trickiest challenges you might be faced with as a contestant on The Cube.

The Cube game
The Cube game

While we eagerly await the next season of The Cube we wanted to take a look back at all the games that one might have to face when inside The Cube. When the show started out there were only around 50 games, as the seasons went on more and more games have been added and now there are over 120 that could come up. So are you terrible at balancing? Does mental arithmetic throw you into a panic? What would be the challenge that would make you loose your cool and your lives? We have given it some long hard thought and come up with the top five in terms of difficulty. Interestingly they are not what you might have expected. It would make sense if the list of ‘hardest’ games were the ones that are likely to be presented later on in the game so the 100,000 games. However the Cube is cunning and likes to dent contestants confidence so they bow out early and therefore take as little money as possible from it. So here we have it.

Number one: Elevation. This is a game that is usually introduced at game 5 or 6 to really get you going. In this game the  player must elevate a clear open ended tube by pulling on the ropes attached either side of it. There is a ball in the tube and if it rolls out before the tube is pulled up and the ball deposited into one of the target containers the player looses a life and must start again. It’s a particularly challenging game to play under pressure as shaky arms are no good in this one!

Number two: Composure. In this game the contestant must guide a ring around large hoop. If the ring hits the sides a buzzing sound is heard and the player looses a life and must start again. Much like playing a game of operation it’s very touch and many contestants have been defeated at this stage of the game.

Number three: Digit. This game looks surprisingly easy but oh no, don’t be fooled. In Digit you must roll a ball using one finger from one end of a beam to another without it dropping off. It’s much tougher than it looks, trusts us!

Number four: Barrier. This is always an interesting one and the game that our own Mo Farah beat the cube at. In this round the player is blindfolded and then must step over raised barriers without dislodging them. The game is usually introduced at the £50,000 level and sees many contestants loose most of their lives

Number five: Tremor. This game encompasses balance and nerve, and a steady hand as the contestant must carry a tray on which 15 metal tubes have been placed from one end of the cube to a raised podium at the other. The tubes must remain upright for 5 seconds before the contestant has passed this round.

So there you have it, are there tougher Cube games out there, we don’t think so! If you fancy your chances at beating the Cube we reckon these are the ones to practice!


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