Week 7 – Strictly Come Dancing – The results

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This weekend, we are now half way through the series, and the competition is heating up, as everyone is finding their rhythm!

Will Bayley is now out of the competition due to an injury.

And the board as it stands after last night:

1/ Karim & Amy scored 39 and get 10 points

2/ Michelle & Giovanni scored 34 and get 9 points

3/ Kelvin & Oti scored 34 and get 9 points

4/ Chris & Karen scored 34 and get 9 points

5/ Alex & Kevin scored 31 and get 8 points

6/ Mike & Katya scored 30 and get 7 points

7/ Saffron & AJ scored 27 and get 6 points

8/ Emma & Aljaz scored 26 and get 5 points

9/ Emma & Anton scored 22 and get 4 points

The first couple to dancer again are Mike and Katya.

The second couple are Emma and Alijaz

And the judges decisions are:
Craig voted for Mike
Motsi voted for Mike
Bruno voted for Mike

So Mikes through to next week, and we say goodbye to Emma and Alijaz!


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