Weather disrupts I’m a Celeb filming

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Chaos has been brought to the I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here camp, as the storms in Australia became too heavy to ignore.

Only a few weeks ago it looked like the show might be disrupted by the bushfires that were blazing through the close by areas. Organisers of the show made extensive plans on how the contestants would be evacuated and how the show could be continued if the fires got too close.

In a turn of events, it seems that rain is now to be the problem that organisers will have to deal with. The contestants have had to be evacuated from the camp’s main area due to storm and havoc has been wrecked on filming.

The rain has been pouring down for most of the weekend in Murwillumbah, north-eastern New South Wales. The campmates were waking up damp and have been told they could move to the leader’s log cabin to escape the wet conditions.

The Dingo Dollar Challenge has been the first event to be cut. Going forward, there’s going to have to be some serious reorganisation to keep things running smoothly and make up for the missed Dingo Dollar Challenge.

It’s been reported that conditions are actually a lot better than they could’ve been. This is because a protective white screen is set up a few dozen feet above the camp to protect the contestants from the extreme weather that’s so common in Australia.

This isn’t the first time in the show’s history that the weather has disrupted proceedings. In 2015 stormy weather forced the bosses to move the contestants out of the camp and had to deal with broken filming and lighting equipment. 2008’s edition was also disrupted by similar causes.

Hopefully, everything can get sorted out soon so things can get back underway.

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