‘We Love The Monkees’ Documentary on ITV Tonight

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We love the Monkees — who doesn’t?  For a manufactured band, they had the best songwriters around and they also had the comedy families appreciated. The Monkees are a legend in their own right, and tonight ITV is putting on a tremendous documentary about them, “We Love the Monkees.”  Check it out at 10:35 tonight,

the Monkees ='=' We love them!

“Documentary celebrating the career of the Monkees, initially conceived as the American answer to the Beatles. Charting the group’s meteoric rise during the sixties, the programme features new interviews with former members Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork.
Also including rare footage of the late Davy Jones, the former Coronation Street child star and only British member of the band. Other contributors include songwriter Bobby Hart, and dancer Toni Basil, who reveals what it was like to dance with Jones during the making of their cult feature film Head.
British fans relive their memories of the heady days of Monkeemania. There is an interview with Davy Jones’s sisters, as well as the woman he married at the height of his fame. Finally, the late singer’s daughters talk about what it was like to grow up with a pop star dad. .”

Read more at: http://modernistsociety.blogspot.com/2013/05/we-love-monkees-documentary-on-itv.html

Were you a Monkees fan in their prime?  Which Monkey was your favourite? To me it had to be the comedian drummer; I liked his voice too.  I’ll be watching tonight, how about you?

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