The Voice Beats Out Splash in Ratings

The Voice is back and this time with a new look and better ratings. In fact The Voice now beats out Splash in ratings.  Kylie Minogue is one of the new judges on the Voice and she’s a delightful addition to the show.  Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J are gone but Kylie joins another new judge, Ricky Wilson, and of course long-timer Tom Jones who personally knows everyone in the music industry.  The Voice’s new lineup has the Splash team trying to come up for air.

The Voice

Television this weekend saw the return ofThe Voice and the end of Sherlock. There was the usual Saturday night TV from ITV with Splash and Take Me Out on the box. But what was worth watching? This week The Voice beat Splash in the battle ratings, proving that it could be on for a comeback.

The Voice

Gone are Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J, in come Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson. There had been much speculation that The Voice would never survive on BBC television. The ratings in previous years haven’t been brilliant, and there has been too much comparison between it and The X Factor once the swivelling chairs are out of the way with. But there was something different about The Voice on Saturday night. It almost seemed enjoyable to watch. Minogue is a welcome addition to the judging panel, proving herself to be witty, honest and kind to contestants. Wilson too proved he was able to hold his own, speaking to contestants with honesty about the music industry. was there to provide the ‘dope’ comments, and Tom Jones is simply legendary enough to sit on the panel and share his advice after being in the music industry for decades. Of course there were the usual contestants on the show; one sang a Taylor Swift song and another declared how he had a crush on Kylie. Week one gave us the usual from the talent show, but the judges all managed to get along without any confrontation which makes a change with talent shows. Next week will possibly be the same, but it still beats watching Splash.

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Do you watch Splash or The Voice?  I prefer watching new musical talent rather than diving theatrics, so the Voice is my obvious choice. Is it better than X-Factor?  There is no comparison in my opinion. X-Factor tops them all. But with Kylie Minogue now on the Voice, I may have to tune in more often.  Sorry Splash!