Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles Off to the I’m a Celebrity Jungle

There’s going to be tougher competition for the I’m a Celebrity contestants.  Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles are off to the I’m a Celbrity, Get Me out of Here jungle. Actually, It will be interesting to see Annabel brush up people’s conception of posh people, while Vincent has admitted, “I am scared of anything.”  Why is he heading to the jungle then?  We’ll have to watch and see.

Annabell Giles


Annabel, 54, and Strictly Come Dancing star Vincent will head into the jungle some time soon and are no doubt going to shake things up a bit.

Former model Annabel is hoping to show ‘posh’ people in a better light during her time in camp, and is keen to show a different side of them to the public.

“A lot of posh people have been going around giving us a bad name,” she said. “I would like to dispel the rumours that all posh people are like David Cameron and George Osbourne. Hopefully I can restore a bit of popularity.

“I am actually quite the opposite to rich. I have been a single parent on benefits for many years,” she added.

However, the public may not be so forgiving towards Annabel – who admits she is already worrying about the Bushtucker Trials.

“Phobias?” she asked. “I don’t even like camping. When I watch the trials on You Tube, I freak myself out and I keep going ‘Oh my god’. I have had to stop thinking about it because if I do, I wind myself up into a frenzy and I keep wondering what on earth I have done.”

And it seems that 34-year old Vincent isn’t much better, and is scared of pretty much everything

“I am scared of anything,” he admitted. “I am realising this more and more. The other day I was on a phone at home and I opened the French doors to go outside. I saw this red thing flying towards me. I was kicking and punching it. It was a ladybird!

“I am so terrible; I can’t actually pick out specific creatures. spiders, tarantulas, I am scared of the whole thing. But I am looking forward to pushing myself and trying,” he added.

Vincent has recently become a father for a second time and has left his long-term partner and children at home in order to conquer his fears in Down Under.

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Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles are off to the I’m a Celebrity jungle, but I’m staying right here in the cozy living room of my Old Rectory. In fact, the only time I want to see a jungle is when I watch I’m a Celebrity. Look out for Vincent and Annabel, they will be there soon!


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