Undeniable Will be Undeniably Good Drama

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Undeniable is a new ITV drama that will air a week from next Monday, and from all reports it will be undeniably good. Claire Goose, who was born in Edinburgh and raised in Norfolk, will star as Jane Phillips who spots her mother’s murderer. Can she finally learn the truth about who killed her mother, and why?


Claire Goose stars in ITV’s latest thriller drama, ‘Undeniable’, coming to screen Monday after next.

The ‘Mount Pleasant’ actress plays Jane Phillips, a woman who recognises her mother’s murderer, twenty‐three years after the crime. Despite being just seven years old when she witnessed the killing, she’s determined to bring the man she believes is responsible to justice.

Jane is pregnant with her second child, but she still carries the mental scars of that fateful day 23 years ago.

Attending an antenatal clinic at the local General Hospital Jane suddenly finds herself confronted by a man she is adamant killed her mother. Andrew Rawlins (Peter Firth – ‘Spooks’) is in fact an eminent consultant oncologist employed by the Health Trust. His status does nothing to stop Jane, determined to avenge her mother’s loss.

‘Undeniable’ starts on Monday 7 April on ITV.

See the trailer here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/undeniable-claire-goose

Undeniable will be undeniably good drama, starting on Monday April 7, 2014. Some people experience tragedies that leave them scarred for life… Claire Goose plays a woman who is able to do something about her experience.

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