Two newcomers head to the Dales!

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There are going to be two new comers on Emmerdale this month who may be quite familiar faces.

The first is Tommy Cannon, who was one half of comedy duo Cannon and Ball. Tommy is 81 years old and will be heading to Emmerdale for a stint, along with actor Louis Healy.

Tommy accidentally let it slip last month on Social media that he would be appearing in the show, but that was quickly deleted, however Emmerdale have now confirmed that he is joining the show.

He will portray Derek, who will be a patient of the Doctor Manpreet on the show.

Also joining the show is Louis who is the son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy. He will be coming on board as Danny, who will be befriending Sarah Sugden played by Katie Hill, who will become a love interest of Danny.

Emmerdale have not yet announced the full storyline lines for the new actors, however they have said, that them arriving, is set to have some serious consequences for the rest of the Emmerdale residents.

Louis has been doing various acting roles in shows such as Vera, and Scott&Bailey. They will be joining the show from 16th September.

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