Twitter Users Compare Cheryl Cole’s Dress with Toilet Paper

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Cheryl Cole pranced on stage wearing, what Twitter users say, a “toilet roll” dress. This was not the sort of feedback Cheryl was expecting as she wood X Factor fans last weekend. The designer of the dress commented back saying they did the “best” they could — was that admitting defeat? Personally, I think the dress is hot white and made just for Cheryl Cole — who else could wear toilet paper and look great? Just kidding, no toilet paper here, just sheer elegance.

Cheryl Cole Toilet Paper Dress_

Anna, who is the senior fashion editor of Hunger magazine, has styled the likes of Miranda Kerr, Sienna Miller and Ellie Goulding, and dresses Cheryl every week with the help of Alida.

However, it seems that the Twittersphere wasn’t so impressed with the design.

One user wrote: ‘Dreadful accident with loo roll there,’ whilst another posted a picture of the Andrex puppy with the caption: ‘Cheryl’s stylist speaks out.’

FEMAIL caught up with Alida Herbst, who crafted the outfit, to find out the exact thought process behind the design.

Alida is an extremely talented couture wedding dress designer who has worked with many of the world’s top designers and played a leading part in making the wedding dresses of many private clients.

Classic in design or a touch avant garde, Alida promises that her designs will help you feel your best on your special day.

So how did her pairing with Cheryl come about?

‘I have worked with Cheryl’s stylist Anna and Cheryl herself many times before. I designed her outfit for the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley earlier this year and created about 25 dresses for her Girls Aloud Ten tour,’ Alida told us.

Anna apparently came to Alida with a mood board and they worked together for under a week crafting the design.

‘I worked on it all day every day,’ said Alida. ‘It was embellished with thousands of crystals and I also applied all of the crystals to her boots as well.’

Alida, who goes along to the lives shows every week to help Cheryl and Anna, said that Cheryl is ‘lovely’ to work with and has a really good sense of humour.

‘Cheryl has been looking so good on X Factor,’ added Alida.

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Cheryl Cole can make anything look great, including the ‘toilet roll’ dress. Twitter users who commented must have just been jealous, that’s all I can surmise from such heartless comments. I mean it’s much better than others I’ve seen such as the meat dress that Lady Gaga wore! At least Cheryl has class and so does the dress that she wore last night on X Factor Live. Seriously, toilet roll? Rubbish!

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