TV Star David Dickinson Coming to Gloucester this Saturday

This Saturday, TV star David Dickinson is coming to Gloucester to film his Real Deal antiques show.  The Real Deal antiques show is a huge success and it’s popularity is increased by people’s desire to cash in during this economic slowdown.  Turning old antiques into cash is a good way to help the family finances as long as you have something valuable and you can sell it for what it’s worth.  David Dickinson will help you determine what you should be getting for whatever it is you have.

david dickinson

TV star David Dickinson is coming to Gloucester on Saturday

Dickinson’s Real Deal antiques show is filming at the GL1 leisure centre, in Eastgate Street, from 9am until 5pm.

Come alone on the day or call 0117 970 7618 for more information.

The bronzed presenter’s appearance in the city comes after his last event here had to be cancelled.

His show features local people who present items from around their home in the hope that they will be valuable antiques.

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David Dickenson is coming to Gloucester this Saturday — will you be going out to meet him? Are you a fan of David’s? If he was coming to your city would you want to get out to see him? Or are you more comfortable watching him on ITV from home?

If you have antiques lying around your home or in boxes in your attic, and you need extra cash, you night want to get those items valued and put them on the market. Many times people just don’t now the value of the old things they have acquired through family inheritance, boot sale shopping and flea markets. Sometimes people sell items for pennies that they could have sold for hundreds of pounds. Get your old things valued first before you sell them on the cheap!