Tulisa is leaving the X Factor panel

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It seems that Tulisa’s time as a judge on the X Factor competition is done. The N-Dubz star was fired from the show, because boss Simon Cowell thinks that is time to mix things up on the show. He said in an interview that: No-one’s decided yet. No-one’s contracts have been picked up. There are a series of meetings taking place in a couple of weeks’ time. All the Brits are coming in, all the Americans and we’re going to make some decisions then.

So according to today’s news it seems that those meetings happened and one of stars who had to go was Tulisa. Apparently, the bosses of the ITV show don’t think that she’s up to the job. One inside source told The Sun paper that: Quite apart from her performance on last year’s show, you can’t have a singer whose album only reached No35 in the charts sitting in judgment on other singers. Tulisa has been on the panel for two years. She had a good run, but all good things come to an end. Fair enough, but it seems though that she’s the one sacrificed for the talent competition’s dropping ratings.

The same source also said that there is some pressure from the ITV on music mogul Simon Cowell to fire the veteran Louis Walsh too. But Cowell will do all he can to keep his old mate on that panel. This idea hasn’t reached a critical point yet, but if it does Simon is ready to fight tooth and nail to keep him on the show.

The rumour that someone was about to leave was already going around when Rita Ora declared that she has been asked to take a seat on the judges panel, and the speculations kept increasing after she’s been seen dancing and chatting with Cowell at the Brit Awards after party. And it turns out that person is Tulisa!

But with or without X Factor she’s going to have a good year because it’s been said that she just got a renewed music contract worth £500,000.Not bad!

The new X Factor competition

The show’s numbers have dropped last year by two million and people have started calling it dull and boring. That’s why this year’s edition will be revamped, starting with the judges. Apparently Sharon Osbourne, who has been on the panel before, is strongly touted to return. Another name close to sign a new deal is the Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.  ITV wants to keep Gary Barlow as well, contrary to Simon Cowell’s belief that he is boring. Mel B and Robbie Williams are also in the cards for a potential judge seat.

The arena auditions will be cut, and the try-outs in nondescript rooms will be brought back, because they will highlight better the finalists’ rag-to-riches stories.

All in all, “the new X Factor”, as insiders call it now, is promised to make a strong return and win back its audience!

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