Tonys not dead….yet!!!

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Tony is not dead!!!!

Hollyoaks were keeping us in suspense last week, as serial killer Breda found her next victim, as she accidentally let slip details to Tony, that made him realise that she was a killer!

Last week we saw Breda make her move, in what looked like Tony had been stabbed by Breda, but it may have anded up that she didn’t quite complete the job this time!

Tony has now been held captive at Breda’s old pig farm. A photo shows him lying in a stall in the pig farm. We see Breda checking to see if Tony is still breathing, and then saying “How’s my little miracle Today?”

We saw earlier in the year that Louis Loveday was also kept as a captive at this farm, but unfortunately for him he died, even through Breda had seemed to try to rehabilitate him.

Tony now needs to come up with a plan as to how he is going to escape Breda’s clutches, so he doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Breda had also started telling lies about Tony around the community, to keep everyone off the scent of what has really happened. She has even said that Tony had left the village to have an affair with another woman. Diane has fallen for these lies, and declares that Tony is dead to her.

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