Tonys gone missing, Is it for good!!!

Had Breda struck again!!! In this weeks hollyoaks we see that one of the most iconic long-standing characters, Tony Hutchinson, may have been bumped off by Breda!!!

Breda has made a big mistake, she accidentally told Tony that she knew all the details of Louis Lovedays killing earlier that week. From this Tony suddenly figured out it was Breda who killed Louis and possible involved in all the recent murders. Breda has racked up some lis, Glenn Donovan, Carl Costello, Russ Owen, Mac Nightingale and also Tonys son Harry!

We see what we think is Breda making her next attack on Tony once he finds all this out. Breda stabs Tony, but will he survive!!

Last week we actually saw Harry come back from the dead in sorts but as a spirit soul brought back to comfort Tony from the other side.

The rumour mill is going at full pelt with this storyline!! How can they get rid of one of the the biggest soap characters, played by Nick Pickard for over 24 years!! Traditionally this sort of mammoth actor exit, would be announced well in advance, with lots of interviews and goodbyes. But there has been nothing at all regarding this exit, if it really is an exit!!! However the end credits did role to black, and in the next episode of hollyoaks, Tony has been removed from the opening credits!!!

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