Tom Daley has a new pet: a micro pig

tomdaleyandmicro pig

Tom Daley has just increased his likeability with his fans, probably reaching the highest point on the cuteness scale. The Olympic diver and Splash coach has tweeted a picture of his new family member: a micro pig. Tom is holding the tiny pet in his arms and has a huge grin on his face, saying: My pig is called Robby-Ray for those asking:D.

A pet like this cost about £200 and it gets no bigger than 16 and 22 inches in height. Tom is the latest celebrity to make such an acquisition, other micro pigs’ owners being Paris Hilton and David and Victoria Beckham. According to a pig breeder, Jane Croft, the pets are really easy to keep: People love them. Not only do they have these incredibly cute faces but, contrary to popular opinion, they’re really clean. They’re easier to house train than a cat. They’re incredibly intelligent. She added: People have got to know that micro pigs are not fashion accessories. I can’t bear it when people say, “I want one with more spots” or “I don’t like the black ones”. Those people don’t get one at all.

Robby-Ray is not Tom’s only pet. He recently adopted a kitten too, but he didn’t find the right name for it. So Tom asked his followers on Twitter to come up with the best name for his little kitty. Tom will soon have a cuteness farm if he keeps adding little fellows to his family.

In the meantime, Tom’s Team GB swimming trunks from the Olympics have gone on display at the Museum of London, as part of a London 2012 Olympics Exhibition.