Tom Bradby Will Anchor General Election on ITV

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Political editor Tom Bradby will anchor ITV’s general election coverage.   Bradby will replace Alastair Stewart and Julie Etchingham will chair the leaders’ debates. Bradby is looking forward to the challenge and ITV is confident he is the best for the job.

Tom Bradby
Tom Bradby … the face of ITV’s general election coverage. Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian

ITV political editor Tom Bradby is to take over from veteran anchor Alastair Stewart to front ITV’s general election coverage, with Julie Etchingham chairing the channel’s leaders’ debate.

Stewart, who has anchored or co-presented five out of the last six elections, is to present ITV’s coverage the day after polling day, analysing the final results and focusing on the formation of the government.

The selection of Bradby marks a changing of the guard and a move to bring in a younger generation, Stewart has been a familiar face on ITV’s election day coverage since the 1980s.

He co-anchored the 1987 general election with Sir Alastair Burnet, 1992’s with Jon Snow; and the 1997 and 2005 elections with Jonathon Dimbleby.

In 2010 Stewart was the sole host of ITV’s election coverage and chaired the first leaders’ debate, which was between the leaders of the three biggest parties and averaged 9.4 million viewers.

News at Ten co-host Etchingham is taking on the role this time and will be the first woman to host a televised leaders’ debate

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Tom Bradby will anchor the general election on ITV. In addition, Bradby hosts The Agenda, twice a week, which features topics ranging from politics to popular culture. He has a full plate but is more than ready and able to handle it.

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